Teaching Approach 


According to your abilities 

We all have different learning abilities.

Some people have an ear for sounds, others can pronounce well, or have a strong memory. Some are fast, while others may take a longer time to learn a foreign language. ​

I always teach according to your learning ability. No hurry, learning a language should be fun and engaging.

Step by step


Building a strong foundation is essential.

Basic knowledge such as the HanYuPinYin pronunciation system (standard romanized system for Chinese pronunciation) and the logic of Chinese writing are important building blocks to start with.

As we move ahead, I do regular tests as often as needed to ensure that knowledge gained earlier is truly learnt and understood. Only when you are confident that a certain level is attained will we move on to the next level.  

Listening, speaking, reading, writing

The four language learning skills are fully covered in all levels of classes, unless the lesson has special focus such as perfecting communication skills in a conversation class.

Also depending on your learning objective, these skills may be proportioned accordingly, such as more listening, speaking, reading and less writing, but none of them will be left out.

Learning beyond words 


Learning a language implies understanding the culture, history and traditions related to that language. I always incorporate these aspects into my lessons, helping you understand and appreciate Chinese values, customs and festivities in a fun manner.

For instance, we celebrate the Chinese New Year and Mooncake festival in class through activities such like festival quizzes, food-tasting and simple cooking classes.

Creative teaching 


Content-wise, I use an array of textbooks and teaching materials to develop an unique lesson content to meet your learning requirements. 

These lessons are taught through interactive activities like songs, games, role play etc. You will also use different online learning websites and phone apps to improve the learning process. 

With creative teaching, you will learn faster and better !