I've been learning Chinese with Hui Ying since April 2021 and I have been happy ever since with my improvements. She's a very good teacher, you can see that she likes to share her knowledge with you as well as her insights to help you better memorize the details. I am learning a lot about Chinese culture/habits and traditions as well - it's never about grammar only. For an amazing full immersion, Hui Ying not only finds and creates the best graphic content, but also makes comparisons and seeks similarities (in our case) between English (sometimes Italian as well, haha) and Chinese, to make the classes entertaining. She seems to know all the best strategies to keep virtual classes interesting, that's why I am very satisfied with her:

Hui Ying 很好!

Bianca Ricci, Oct 2021



Great Chinese teacher. She loves to teach Chinese and this can be felt in her enthusiasm and commitment to courses. She's able to identify issues and reacts by offering specific sets of exercises and/or summary sheets (very handy for some not always obvious grammatical points). This helps me to better assimilate the content, and I've made a lot of progress since I've started courses with her. I also have to praise her flexibility regarding both the schedule and the choice of course material. She is didactic and provides very clear explanations. It's a pleasure to go forward into Chinese with this teacher, I recommend her without reservation. 

(The course is in English, of which she has an excellent command).  

Natasha Cattelain, Aug 2020


Hui Ying is the perfect teacher for whoever wants to start or further develop his / her mastery of Chinese language. I had never been into contact with the language before and she helped me prepare for a semester in China through tailor-made courses. The lessons are flexible depending on the time you can invest in learning.

Hui Ying is very patient as a teacher and takes the time to clarify every little question you may have. I highly recommend her if you ever want to learn Mandarin in Brussels as she has the experience, the talent and the passion !

Carole Annet, July 2019

I am very happy to have found Hui Ying through a friend's recommedation. She helped me to restart my Chinese with useful revisions and well-planned lessons catered to my standard and needs. She is very patient, encouraging and funny, and her lessons are never boring ! As I have a busy work schedule, I appreciate that she is available for class during lunch hours and after work at my office. Thank you Hui Ying! 
Stephan Muller, April 2019


I had the enormous pleasure of improving my Mandarine skills with the excellent help of Hui Ying while posted to Brussels last year. I took courses on a weekly basis from June to December 2018 and immensely benefitted from Hui Ying's commitment and her amazing talent as a teacher. We used to have classes in my office and Hui Ying, who is 100% reliable, was perfectly prepared every time we met. I particularly appreciated Hui Ying's ability to individualise our lessons to my very specific wishes. Hui Ying is a very warm-hearted person and a great teacher to work with!
Christian Stursberg, February 2019