Learning is a life-long process. Learning a language enriches your mind and introduces you to different cultures. 

Why not start a Chinese language class to begin a meaningful year ahead ? 

Levels : all levels from basic to advanced
​Size of class : Individual. Small group of 2 or 3 students can be considered. 

Age group : Adults​, adolescents

Location : Brussels

Delivery of lesson : Preferably by ZOOM, or at student's home around WSL / WSP

​Prices are reasonable and hours are flexible.​Why not try an early morning class with a fresh mind, or make full use of your lunch hour ? After school / work lessons are certainly welcomed.


Classes are catered to your level and needs, and can be adjusted as we go along.                                             

An example of a typical lesson :                                                            

We start with a short warm-up conversation or a revision of the previous topic

Corrected homework will be discussed, pointing out areas to pay attention to

After that, we will start on a new lesson

Homework will be assigned and emailed to you

A grammar and new vocabulary list, together with the lesson of the day will also be emailed to you

Online meeting
Online Learning
Online meeting