*** Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all my classes are now conducted online via Skype or ZOOM meeting ***


Levels : all levels from basic to advanced

Size of class : Individual or groups

Age group : Adults, adolescents

​Prices are reasonable and depend on the size of the class. 

Location : Brussels

Lessons can be conducted at student's home or office, my home classroom at Woluwe Saint Pierre, or simply at an agreed public place such as a quiet cafe ​

​Hours are flexible : why not try an early morning class with a fresh mind, or a revision session during your lunch hour ? After school / after work lessons are certainly welcomed.


Apart from the classic grammar classes, some other popular lessons include :

  • Preparing all levels of HSK tests 

  • Preparing you for work and stay in China or any other Mandarin speaking country

  • Essential Chinese for your exciting Student Exchange experience

  • Basic Chinese for a memorable travelling trip 

  • Useful Chinese day-to-day conversations eg. in the office, at school, at the shops etc. (basic to advanced level)

  • Learning Chinese vocabulary through Chinese ballads

For advanced students

  • Discussions on current affairs

  • Debate - express your opinion in Mandarin on an social interest such as :

       Exam stress - based on the case study of Asian students facing stress during exams, tell me your views  and your methods of handling exam stress

       Do we read enough ? How can we encourage the habit of reading instead of using our free time on online games and watching series? 

  • The use of Chinese Idioms in our daily dialogues

  • Introducton to famous Chinese poetry